Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fireworks produced CD circular picture effect

CD circular picture effect

Fireworks in the history panel function, presumably not often we use it, the production of this graphic is history with the function panel, interested friend can see, I'm here to make the process carefully to say again. :)

1, first create a new file, use the ellipse tool to draw a circle, fill to none, stroke 1, the color from the set, I selected here is # 000033.

2, clone image (edit-> clone), in the info panel, the W value of minus 4, hit Enter. And use the arrow tool to select the clone of the image, the right move to four pixels.

3, also select these two circles, with the modify menu combine-> punch, for Boolean operations.

4, this operation out of graphics clone, and turn 180 degrees and then join.

5, once again clone graphics, modify the menu in the transform-> numeric transform-> scale, 97% of all election

6, open the history panel, the last two clone & transform also selected, according to the following replay button has been repeatedly press this button

7, the end result.

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