Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wealth-WinRAR extract slimming feature to answer

Currently, WinRAR usage and "downsizing rate" will not lose in WinZip, you users to download the stuff online is also a considerable part of the RAR format. I for some common problems are numerous, to answer them.

Q: Why sometimes can not properly extract the files?

A: 1, RAR archive files corrupted.

2 versions are not compatible. For example, if you unzip with WinRAR 2.8 WinRAR 3.0 version of compressed files, naturally not work. The solution is to immediately upgrade the software version (the latest version 3.00). Note: this is a very common procedure in the extracted files if prompted unknown file type, it is almost certain that the situation was.

Q: how to enhance protective measures for compressed files?

Answer: a, set data recovery

Click on the menu "command 鈫?to protect file file", set the data recovery record size. The greater the rate of recovery records, the greater the compression packages. Only RAR documents with data recovery record, the future can only be repaired.

Little Knowledge: recovery record contains only 32,768 to restore most sectors, if the data corruption is continuous, each recovery sector can recover 512 bytes of damaged information. If there are multiple damage, this value will become smaller.

2, prohibits the document is modified compression

In the dialog box shown select the corresponding checkbox.

3, set the password

Click on the menu "File 鈫?Password", enter the password and confirm.

Q: The archive files corrupted how to do?

A: If it is found after opening archive file is corrupted, unable to extract, then click the program menu bar on the "command 鈫?repair archive" and then selected in the dialog was fixed place where the path of the file file and file type ( RAR or ZIP), then click "OK" began restoration. Premise: The file must have data recovery record.

Q: If the RAR format, the file association is changed to other similar programs how to do?

A: In the "Options 鈫?Settings" window, switch to the "Comprehensive Options" tab, in the "WinRAR files associated with what" the project, check the "RAR" radio button, "OK" button.

Tip: If you check the file association in the "ISO" radio button, you can use WinRAR to open virtual CD files.

Q: How do I clear the "File" menu, recently visited the file name?

A: Run the registry (Regedit), expand "HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareWinRARArcHistory" branch, view the right view, "0", "1" ... ... (in the order order) of the key, as long as you can delete these keys.

Q: If the person is not installed unzip program (WinRAR), to enable them to open the document?

A: The production of the self-extracting file, follow these steps:

1, open the specified compressed document, click on the menu bar on the "command 鈫?convert file file format for self-release", choose "format since the release of";

2, the bottom can also click the "Advanced Options from the release" button for more detailed settings.

Tip: In the "Setup" item, you can specify the release before and after running. This is used for? Compressed package if there are two files (assumed to be A, B), you would like to make the other party does not know the file B run A file can be set to "release before the run", B is set to file "After the release of running."

3, and finally click "OK" button.

Q: How to quickly open the specified zip file?

A: First open the specified zip file, click on the menu bar on the "Favorites 鈫?Add to Favorites", then click "OK." To quickly open all compressed files are so operating. Since then, when to call a file, press Ctrl +1 ... ... Ctrl + N, the order number can be analogy.

Q: How to compress the document add / remove comment information?





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